Meet Anthony, a forty-nine year old war veteran who has captured the essence of the Mission I’mPOSSIBLE message, purpose and vision. He defines Mission I AM POSSIBLE.  As our faithful volunteers gathered with lovebags in hand; ready to hit skid row, we met Anthony who was making his way to a homeless shelter. Encapsulated by our mission, he decided he was ready for yet another deploy, a mission he has held so dearly close to his heart. He prayed for us with tears in his eyes and a mouth filled with words only God has given him, on this day.  The tremble in his voice said it all. His fervent passion ignited something supernatural in all of us.  With authority, conviction and his gift to gracefully lead our team, Anthony guided and protected us through the streets of skid row and ministered the love of Christ within each step.  Like wounded soldiers, we are all on our own mission, healed by moments such as these.  We learned to walk by faith, not by sight.  We learned that a soldier must not falter or leave anyone behind.  He is a rock and the eyes and ears of the people.  He is the heart of it all.  For where two or three or more are gathered as one, Jesus Christ will always be there pulsating light in the darkest areas.  Anthony is a testament of whole hearted faith. He carries the battle within him.  Having a triple beam silencer for a heart, the streets call him Ghost; you never see him coming but he is always there in the midst of it all speaking life and shining bright to mend the broken.



Written by: Ashley Bone

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