Sand Dunes

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It’s fascinating how struggle, hardships, and challenges have a way of making us better if we allow them the space.

I am reminded of this every time I’m out for a good workout. Or in this case, a hike in the Death Valley Sand Dunes!

We are all seeking to reach the top. We live in a world bursting with interminable possibilities. But life, as we know it, is also filled with unforeseen curveballs

Life isn’t easy by design. But if we change how we view struggle, we can endure, and through the difficulties, we can grow and enjoy the fullness of victory!

LoVe – Samantha Jo Alonso



Style Notes:

Outfit: FRUITION World Archives

Shoes: Nike x Riccardo Tisci


Photography by: Antonio Abrego

Short Film by: Mike Torio

Location: Death Valley Sand Dunes

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