As we continue to embark on a generation defined by the doers, we wanted to highlight the dreamers, the world builders, the game changers who are the new rock stars!

Modern Man’s unique approach is defined not only by the influences it uses, but also its new age approach to the 90’s era. It strives to bring together the lasting beauty of age-old tradition and modern fashion. Associations and clashing elements are important to Modern Man.  A very Dries Van Noten design approach but evolved for millenials seeking real value over perceived value.  Inspiring to take a symbol of high intellectual property and taste like Phoebe or Owens and applying it to something like a t shirt that people can afford without losing ingenuity.

Modern Man Phoebe Philo Tour Tee exclusively available at FRUITION Las Vegas.


Style Notes:


Shirt: Modern Man

Jacket: Dries Van Noten

Shoes: Converse x Margiela

Sunglasses: Celine


Jacket & Tshirt: FRUITION

Pants: FRUITION Label

Hoodie & Shoes: Nike

Sunglasses: Lanvin


Photography by: Ja Tecson

Modeled by: Samantha Jo Alonso & Valerie Julian

Location: FRUITION Los Angeles

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