Therapy is where you find it. In 2010 while training for my first marathon, my purpose and passion for running came to fruition at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas. 20 miles through the rolling hills and the rising heat, it was during my 15th mile that God unveiled one of the biggest breakthrough ideas in my life called Mission I’mPOSSIBLE. Little did I know that my decision and intense desire to run would forever change my life and create a global movement that has surpassed anything that I’ve ever dreamed of. Today, I want to encourage you to know that when the pressure is turned up and you’re feeling a bit uncomfortable, keep powering through because you’re breakthrough and promotion is right around the corner!

LoVe – Samantha Jo Alonso

SAMMY_JO_3 Photo Jun 11, 6 06 56 PM SAMMY_JO_2 SAMMY_JO_5 SAMMYJO_4

Style Notes:

Hat: John Galliano

Leggings: Mission I’mPOSSIBLE

Jacket & Shoes: Nike

Top: Without Walls


Photography by: Antonio Abrego

Location: Red Rock Canyon



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