I’m springing into fall with another season filled with more living, more loving, more giving and more doing. For those of you who may think that living an active lifestyle takes away from your day to day responsibilities, rest assured knowing that the benefits of staying active will only fuel your growth and inspire your creativity. Your quality of life will improve and your capacity to dream will stretch above and beyond your imagination. Invest in yourself. The more you fill yourself up, the more you can pour back into the world. Fill your heart with expectation. Your unbound potential awaits. Stop chasing your dreams. It’s time to meet them!

LoVe – Samantha Jo Alonso


Style Notes:

Top & Leggings: Without Walls

Shoes: Nike Free designed by Yours Truly


Photography: Jonny Walker

Location: Miami, FL

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word of the day

"Your focus determines your reality. Keep your eyes fixed on the prize."