Downtown Speaker Series

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Thank you to everyone who came out and supported me during my Downtown Speaker Series session. Your presence was truly a gift. My heart is filled with so much gratitude because of your undying love and friendship since day one. I’m honored, humbled, and privileged to DO life with you all.

That evening I stood before my community to share my heart and passion for the city I was born and raised in, Las Vegas.

An empty city to most, and a city that many refer to as “Lost Vegas” and “Sin City.”

A city of excess, prostitution, commercialism, gambling that has broken families, drugs that have taken lives, lost dreams, and broken people.

But in that emptiness I discovered an opportunity.

An opportunity to provide hope.

An opportunity to provide encouragement.

An opportunity to foster lost dreams into found ones.

And an opportunity to fill that emptiness…..with WHOLENESS.

That night wasn’t about my accolades and successes.

It was about a mustard seed dream that’s no different from anyone else’s dreams.

A dream that began with the same fire in your belly that inspires you to greatness.

A dream that we named, FRUITION.

Friends, today I encourage you to take a leap of faith knowing that the net will appear.

I challenge you today to live your life with expectancy.

Run towards what makes you uncomfortable because if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

YOU represent the possibilities.

YOU break the chains of limitations.

Remember that dreams don’t work unless YOU do.

Be encouraged knowing that our story is a testament to (HIS)tory.

Let’s continue to be a light in the darkness.

LoVe – Samantha Jo Alonso

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