A few weeks ago when Val and I were on tour for D’Angelo, I had a revelation to do a We Run series for the remaining cities that was on our schedule. That being said, our next stop was the beautiful and sunny city of LA.  Considering that this idea came to mind out of the blue, we only a day and a half to promote our run. With a big leap of faith, we launched our flyer and hoped and prayed for the best……which is exactly what we got! What a joy it was to share our vision with LA. We started our run at the Santa Monica steps and proceeded onto the sandy Santa Monica beach. 4 miles later with a perfect sunset and the sound of the breaking waves, the day was brought to completion with much joy and fulfillment. All my love and thanks to everyone that attended! Mission I’mPOSSIBLE continues to touch more lives…..

 My bro and photographer Ja Tecson, SJA, the beautiful and radiating Angela, the awesome and talented Dj Vice, and my always smiling sister Valerie

Team Optimist LA and Nike if full effect!  Thank you to Nils and Natalie for showing us your love and support.

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