Magic was nothing less than magical. Lives were inspired as we lived a life of purpose and passion on this special evening.

It was refreshing to bring light, hope and encouragement to the heart of “sin city” and “lost vegas.” It was quite an interesting juxtaposition between the naked Elvis’ and drunk party goers alongside our runners who were all leading a progressive and positive lifestyle. Talk about being a light in the midst of the darkness.  It was a powerful moment in Las Vegas and I’m so happy that this came to FRUITION. A solo journey that began with my marathons to taking a leap of faith to start a We Run Las Vegas. Who would’ve thought that a weekly run that started as 13 people would eventually lead up to almost 100 runners on this very evening. This is just the beginning….

Some highlights:

– Runners were broken up into 3 teams – Team GREATNESS, Team EXCELLENCE, Team VICTORY (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

– Bibs were created for each runner. Runners numbers consisted of bible verses from the Books of Psalms, Proverbs and Timothy.  Fueled by FAITH to say the least!

– Faith is the air we breath especially during pre and post our runs every week. We begin our runs with an opening prayer giving all the honor and glory to the One who gave it all.  With our hands held and our heads bowed down in silence, I led a prayer on the 2nd floor of the Nike store at the Forum Shops (Caesars Palace). Just imagine about 100 people praying in the middle of store hours! It was a breakthrough moment and I was humbled by everyone’s presence.

– We ran an adventurous 4 miles.  Half of the run consisted of drills in front of the Bellagio Fountain, City Center and Monte Carlo led by Nike trainers.  We did squats during escalator rides and lunges on monorail runways.  We made EVERY MOVE COUNT!

– We came RUN-way ready so with that being said, we did a running flash mob through Crystals, a high end retail cluster of some of the best designers….think Balenciaga, Marni, Lanvin, YSL, Fendi, Marni, Versace and more. This was INDEED a special highlight of our night.  With shouts of victory, we ran with grace and style through the stores.  City Center security surrendered as they no longer knew what to do with us.

– My good friend, Jesus, an acrobat and performer for Cirque, came runway ready and ran with stilts. Through stairs and drills, he persevered through every moment. He’s training to run from Las Vegas to LA on stilts to make record breaking history! His journey begins December 7 – 17 which breaks down to running 31 miles a day… stilts.  Pretty inspiring, huh?!

– We concluded the run with a challenging drill. As I always say, the elevator to success is broken. I encouraged our runners to take a 7 story hike up Caesars Palace car garage one step at a time.

– Lastly, a big thank you to all the runners for your hard work and dedication. Your presence was truly a present. New possibilities were represented in Las Vegas through your leading example. Keep persevering. Keep striving. Keep making your dreams come to FRUITION.

Victory was met…

Let the pictures begin….

Photography By: Ja Tecson & Francis Santos
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