On tour, our stay in each city ranges between 24 hours to a couple of days therefore every second is maximized on and extremely valuable. I’m a true believer that we must govern the clock, not let the clock govern us.  As soon as we arrived in Copenhagen, prep for the show immediately began leaving me with the only option to sightsee the city – a beautiful bike ride in the late hours of the evening. Thankfully, I met with a friend, Troels, who is also an avid runner and founder of the NBROS running team in Copenhagen. With the night breeze feeling so magical, it was a peaceful and quiet ride through the city. We touched the steps of the Royal Palace and hopped on the cobblestone leading to the infamous Little Mermaid.  My time in Copenhagen was short and sweet but I’m confident that I LIVED the time that was given to me.  On to the next one…..

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