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Sandton Grand Reylof Hotel – Gent, Belgium

Gent is Belgium’s best kept secret. It’s certainly worth a visit as the city has an extraordinary amount of impressive sights exuding a historic atmosphere. It’s a city that combines beauty and culture with creativity, progressive design and gastronomics. In short: A city of pleasure and enjoyment!

We stayed at the Sandton Grand Reylof Hotel where the stay was nothing less than a dose of luxury.  Moreover, the hotel had a cozy restaurant, a bar, a champagne bar, a cocktail bar and a private dining room each with its own authentic atmosphere, illuminated by daylight. Surrounded by the building complex you will find a lovely enclosed garden where you may sit and relax on one of the patios, a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city. Housed in the coach house–one of the city’s registered historic monuments, there’s a Wellness Center for my Mission I’mPOSSIBLE leisure activities alongside a sauna, steam bath, and a relaxation room.

Ready, set, relax, enjoy, and live what I used to dream…..

Business is truly my pleasure…..

Stay tuned for more photos during my travels in Gent, Belgium!

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