The last stop of the day was at The Montalban Theatre located in the heart of West Hollywood. Here we finally had the opportunity to put these shoes on for a test drive! The event consisted of an obstacle course and a 3 staged course performed subsequently one right after another.  Nerve wracking to say the least because everyone is watching you but nonetheless a burst of fun and excitement.  And did I mention competitive too?!

Here are my results that ranked #1 overall in the women’s category!

Jumprope – 208 in one minute
Vertical Jump – 19.7″
Foot Fires – 8.43 steps per second

A big thank you to Team Nike!  I am truly humbled to be a part of your vision…..

Game On World Dream Team – Eddie Cruz (Undefeated), Fraser (Nike), Robert Abeyta (Dual Forces), Lena (Nike), Sky Gellatly and myself!


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