After a rooftop lunch at The London Hotel for a meet and greet, we headed downtown to the Nike Vault located in the heart of the Staple Center. I had the opportunity to catch up with friends and meet new and inspiring individuals from all over the world.

The Nike Vault introduced us to a new training platform that measures your score against yourself, against your friends, against the world. The more you play, the better you get. The world is your playground!

If you could imagine, I was completely geeked out to say the least! Nike never fails to amaze and inspire me with the new technology that they consistently come out with.  A genius way to inspire everyone to work out and stay physically active.  Health is wealth!

Class is in session!

The projector wall opened into the Nike Vault

A quick design session…

Mr. Eddie Cruz (Undefeated) and the ever so sweet Carri Munden (Cassette Playa)…

Mr. Cruz ballin…

Dunk contest at the Staple Center



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