Upon receiving this book in my hotel room, I was intimidated by the idea of making “every hit count.”  I assumed it was a clue for the events that we were about to partake in….Perhaps boxing?

Low and behold, I stood corrected.

A few months ago, I attended a private event for the launch of the Nike Fuel Band.  An adventurous fun filled event that included Michael Jackson choreographed dances, Hollywood stunts off of scaffoldings, tumbling and climbing over poles and cop cars and tag football at the Paramount Studios.

Need I say more?  The pictures will speak for itself.  I received a loving blow to my lip during our session of tag football.  Painful and shocked? Yes. #Counts? Yes.  Worth it?  TOTALLY!  It’s worth every page in this book! A big thank you to Alero (Nike Sportswear), co-author and writer of this book and my partner who made this all possible!  Without you, this memorable collaboration would not be shared with the world.  Love you girl – we definitely #MadeEveryHitCount !








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