3 weeks ago my team Mission I’m-POSSIBLE introduced a weekly event called We Run Las Vegas.  As Las Vegas natives, we are inspired by the opportunity to empower Mission I’m-POSSIBLE as a platform to build an iconic lifestyle aesthetic to which people can truly aspire to. Our purpose in cultivating our team is to serve as a model to refocus, remind and reassure during our never ending quest to the finish line. Our hope is to mobilize a vision that elevates the unification between fashion, fitness and philanthropy.

Mission I’m-Possible encourages the community to constantly strive towards the limitless potential that lives within us all. Our “run to inspire” mentality is to influence others to remove all limitations in order to be brought into the fullness of living. As our team continues to lead by example through action, we hope to be utilized as a primary catalyst to change the lives of others who are seeking to embrace a healthier lifestyle – mentally, physically and spiritually

What a joy it has been to see everyone unite as one family to achieve something proactive for our lives.  The response has been overwhelming and the amount of attendees continues to grow each week.  What started as 13 has now grown to almost 40!  I am so inspired to see everyone take action for the well being of their lives.  The time is NOW to translate life’s run-way into a form of expressing individuality in the life of an everyday athlete while promoting a standard of excellence that empowers self-esteem and quality of living!

For more information please e-mail LIMITLESS@WeRunLasVegas.com

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