Throughout the world, ethnic groups are characterized and identified by dress and ornamentation. The Maasai are, perhaps, one of the most widely recognized people in terms of fashion and decoration, exhibiting bright colors, intricate patterns, and jewelry that catches the eye.

Maasai women of marriageable age wear stiff flat beaded collars of seed beads. The wedding necklace consists of three elements – A head piece with beads running across the forehead and eyes, a choker around the neck and a spectacular circular necklace that spans the width of the shoulders.

Collecting artisinal jewelry has been an obsession of mine for some time. I find joy and fascination in discovering objects that originate from different countries from all over the world. What’s fascinating to me is that every piece of jewelry that I’ve discovered has been created with meaning and purpose, something that you rarely come across here in the United States. Their intricate attention to detail and perfection while having a symbolic meaning is truly inspiring and is something that I aspire to in everything I do mentally, physically and spiritually.

Style Notes: Archival Sport Coat by Pierre Cardin / Heathered Cut Off Hoodie by T by Alexander Wang / Sweatpants by Nike Sportswear / Heathered Gray Zip Up Sweater by American Apparel / Nike Free+2 and Matte Black SportWatch GPS by Nike / Archival Transitional Aviator Sunglasses by Ray Ban / Acrylic Cuff by Fendi / Archival Studded Bracelet by Balenciaga / Tribal Beadwork Neck Plate by Maasai Tribe / Fishtail braid

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