Immediately upon my arrival back from Paris, I was greeted with boxes upon boxes of Nike Sportswear, running and training product.  I was scheduled to style and shoot a last minute photoshoot that needed to be executed within the next 36 hours for a lookbook that was going to be presented during the Nike Women’s Marathon.  Instead of hiring models, it only made sense to contact my Mission I’m-POSSIBLE Las Vegas running team who embodies both worlds – style and sports.  It’s always of the utmost importance for me to educate our consumer through visuals so it is through this lens and perspective where inspiration to look great on the run-way and more importantly for victory was going to take flight.  With no given time to assume the feeling of jet lag, my FRUITION Dream Team and I went straight into production. Overcast and raining, we were constantly competing with the weather but in the end everything worked out in our favor!


Styled and Photographed by: Samantha Jo Alonso
Assistant Stylist and Photographer: Valerie Julian
Mission I’m-POSSIBLE Team: Gabriella Morris, Felicia McCoy, Valerie Julian, Lydia Thompson, Samantha Jo Alonso

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