In the middle of an enriching conversation with my number one as we discussed our dreams unfolding into a reality (as if the moment couldn’t get any better) Gareth Pugh stood directly behind me. We immediately approached him, thanked him for his inspiration and shared insight about the Dw Kanye West collection.

Gareth Pugh’s designs represents a fearless and intense approach while exemplifying a confident, refined, and radiant woman. Geometric and boxy shape but perfect in symmetry, Gareth Pugh understands the form of a women’s body. It takes talent and skill to coordinate the articulated leather the way that he does while keeping a women’s silhouette in mind.

I first laid eyes on his beautiful masterpiece at Le Bon Marche and instantaneously slipped into the fitting room to try it on. It was a magical moment….

Monochrome but yet colorful in so many ways, Gareth Pugh has always had my heart since day one.

It was truly an honor and blessing to meet him….

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