I’m excited to announce my partnership with Nike for their 8th Annual Women’s Marathon taking place in San Francisco on October 16, 2011.

Running endless miles across the globe.

From the fashion shows in New York, Paris and Milan to the real 26.2 mile RUN-WAY.

A beginning to a new chapter in style and sports is ready to unveil.

The Mission I’mPOSSIBLE journey and Nike present

“Run The RUNWAY”

Our plans in creating a cohesive vision between style and sports has now come to FRUITION.

“Run The RUNWAY” will be the ultimate running style experience.

My global role for Nike is to accrue 8 girls, along with my Runway Entourage, who embody style and athleticism and represent a new movement in trending fashion and sports.

As part of the style competition, Nike Women’s Marathon registered runners will have a chance to be a member of the “Runway Crew” but only 8 will be selected.

The 1st part of our grand vision will begin tomorrow, September 19 at 12am.

Voting goes live so cast your votes on who you think has the best running style to be a part of our “Runway Crew”

Click here to Vote
Click here to view my Runway Entourage Nike Profile

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