Today marks the first day of training for the Berlin Marathon taking place on September 25, 2011. Ready and willing, I am prepared to take on the next 8 weeks with passion, drive and focus. Never looking back, my journey begins…

Running marathons while running businesses can be challenging at times but it is in those moments I become the most alive. The challenge opens doors to compete with myself and become better than who I was before so besides the big medal at the end of the race, the biggest and most invaluable prize that I constantly strive for is the continuous knowledge of self. Yes, there are always obstacles along the way but the rewards and benefits from persevering through always seem to outshine the doubt and disbelief. In reality, running teaches me to coordinate my mind, body and spirit leading me to maintain a sense of well-being. Always remember that the highest experience of living is to find and discover the spirit within you. Running just so happens to be my platform to do so.

I get a lot of e-mails regarding my training regimen so for those of you who are interested please stay posted on my blog and twitter @SammyJoFRUITION

Style Notes: Archival Cropped Mesh Jersey / Archival 3D Bodysuit / Photoreal Stained Glass Leggings by Black Milk / Nike+ SportBands / Nike Free Run +2 Courtesy of Nike (THANK YOU!) / Bindi Sunglasses by Louis Vuitton / Woven Rosary for STRENGTH, PROTECTION & GUIDENCE

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"Your focus determines your reality. Keep your eyes fixed on the prize."