The Vatican Museums boast one of the world’s greatest art collections. They’re a gigantic repository of treasures from antiquity and the Renaissance, all housed in a labyrinthine series of lavishly adorned palaces, apartments, and galleries leading you to the real gem: the Sistine Chapel.

After walking through endless catacombs of tiny passageways and rooms, the journey led us to stand completely in awe below the talents and work of Michelangelo.

Considering himself a sculptor, not a painter, Michelangelo painted nine panels taken from the pages of Genesis and surrounded them with prophets, sibyls and frescoes.

Amazing in its detail and thought, this piece of art formed his most enduring legend. The
overwhelming sense of grandeur makes it most impressive and is truly a mans most gloriful tribute.

Taking photos and videos is extremely prohibited and showing a slight peep of your excitement will get you a big shussh!  Thanks to my iPhone I was able to take a couple of incognito shots below.

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