1) Dr. Romanelli x FRUITION Fluorescents Collection Jacket

In the pursuit of revitalizing and revamping, Dr. Romanelli is a true surgeon. Rather than starting from scratch, he approaches each new project as a hybrid, using preexisting cultural elements and brands as a foundation and breathing new life into them with his own unique imprint. The result is neither old nor new, retro nor futuristic, but a one-of-a-kind product that bridges the gap between longtime devotees and the next generation.

2) Walter Van Beirendonck x Chris + Tibor Waist Bag

I expected nothing less from this Belgian fashion designer. It was refreshing to finally find a conceptual waist bag that fit my all marathon essentials which include a point and shoot camera, a flip cam for live footage, my blackberry for easy tweeting purposes, my iPhone for music, chapstick, and lastly my gu and gu blocks for energy.

3) Nike

Lunar Glide +2, Sportband Watch, Dri-Fit Longsleeve, Paneled Leggings, Headband

Let the 26.2 mile fashion show begin!


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