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Nike+ GPS App

I was recently seeded an iPhone 4 from Nike to try out their new Nike+ GPS app that they launched .  I finally got a chance to take it to the track to test its accuracy.  The results…..99.999999% accurate!  There’s a lot of fun incentives that come with this application.  You can rate your run, challenge yourself by setting distance/timed goals, personalize your music and get cheers from online spectators who are following you!  There’s even a voice that speaks to you throughout your run to let you know where you’re at with your goal but personally I turn that option off simply because I prefer to run freely rather than focusing on the mileage ( I seem to run longer distances when I do that!)  After you complete your run you can post your status on Facebook and Twitter.  To all the Mission I’m-POSSIBLE runners out there, you can learn more about this app and download it  here.  Thank you NIKE!

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