As a retail owner myself, there is a sense of urgency and awareness on my part to create the ultimate “WOW” shopping experience.   Through exciting store design, consistently great product,  extraordinary customer service and the desire to build relationships with our customers outside of just selling product, customers will leave not only with a  memorable experience but more importantly with an inspiring retail experience as well.  Executional excellence and finding the balance between all of these elements will lead to that “WOW” factor.   Brand experience and engagement are truly the strongest drivers of loyalty!

RSVP Gallery is a leading example of delivering all of these elements which is exactly why I will return to visit every time I’m in Chicago.  Thank you RSVP, Mark, Don C. and Virgil who were there in spirit,  and the rest of the team for your inspiration!  We’re looking forward to seeing more dreams come to FRUITION with you all!


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