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Running, Tweeting, Texting, Picture Taking, Video Recording, Music

There’s a multitasking myth that states that doing it all gets nothing done.  HOWEVER, I beg to differ in this situation.  Doing all these things at once I was able to create content, give my followers a new perspective on running marathons, and most importantly inspire others which in turn gave me the strength to persevere through 26.2 miles !  This was my first time tweeting my entire marathon experience.  As a runner, you constantly have to find new ways to inspire yourself throughout these long superhuman runs. This time in Chicago, I decided to dedicate a mile to something special and in between time express what I was going through during this run. It’s crazy to look back at my history of tweets.  Mentally, I was focused and ready to run in the city of dreams….

Here’s a glimpse of my journey from beginning to end!

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