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Behind The Scenes: NSW Maverick Shoot

Never underestimate the power of your dreams and vision – I am a true testament to that statement. Back in February while training for my first marathon, I decided to hit my 20 mile run at the Red Rock Loop. Personally as a runner, running long distances in places that are inspiring is critical in order to stay motivated. So of course, I chose one of the most scenic destinations in Las Vegas and not to mention the most challenging! I like to familiarize myself with the unknown, the uncomfortable, the unsafe – it’s what constantly gives me a sense of self fulfillment so I was all game. When I arrived I realized that as an avid Pandora subscriber, I had no service. I soon found myself running with absolutely not a tune to listen to. I faced my situation head on and knew I was in for a revelation. Me , God and Mother Nature. As I started on my 20 mile journey, I coincidentally was running while a half marathon was going on. It gave me a good idea of what running a marathon was like but it was at that moment that I felt like a number reaching for a common goal. With hundreds of runners on the same track as myself chasing the same goal, that feeling of self-fulfillment was put to the test. Training for marathon is an extraordinary goal, but it was at the moment that I realized it had to be bigger than running a marathon and calling it a day. It was at that moment that I realized that running was put in my life for a bigger purpose – a purpose bigger than myself. It was at that moment that I realized that running was another platform for me to reach more people beyond just fashion. It was at that moment that I manifested Mission I’m-POSSIBLE! And it was at that moment, I realized that Nike needed to be a part of my mission.

So fast forward 5 months later, I returned to the Red Rock loop last week. This was my first time back since I had that revelation. A journey that started by myself has now transpired into a team of Mission I’m-POSSIBLE leaders and runners. Not only did I return to that very same mountain with my team but I also returned with Nike capturing my Mission I’m-POSSIBLE journey! My revelation and my dream has come full circle.

Say that to say this…if you can believe it, you can conceive it.

What a whirlwind of opportunities and blessings these past few weeks have been. Thank you Nike for being a part of my mission!

This is just the beginning….

LOCATION: Red Rock Loop

Style Notes: Michael Angel Kaleidescope Leggings (custom to fit as shown) / Shorts, Headband, Watch, Lunar Glide 2 by Nike / Bodysuit by Me


Style Notes: Archival Gianni Versace Pants / Animal Print Silk Button Up by Versace / Oversized Patent Leather Belt by Fendi / Ruby Oyster Rolex / Oversized Round Sunglasses by Chanel / Archival Jaguar Cuff Bracelet / Jimmy Chos Patent Leather Stiletto


Archival Jordan Zip Jacket / Archival Chanel Sequined Pearled Jacket / Archival Leather Escada Varsity Jacket / Archival Gold Studded Dress (Givenchy Primitive) / Givenchy Caged Stilettos

LOCATION: Tunnel Way on the Las Vegas Strip

LOCATION: Obscure Alleyway

LOCATION: Las Vegas Blvd.

The Crew: Lena from Nike also known as my Nike Guardian Angel. She literally took my Mission I’m-POSSIBLE vision and ran with it to the top! Thank you being a vessel in connecting my vision with Nike! Nils from his Lifestyle Marketing Agency, Optimist LA . Thank you for keeping everyone on track and on point during the shoot!
DIRECTOR: Alec Cohen from Sandy Montana – this talented individual was such a pleasure to work with! I’m so thankful to have you a part of this mission. Style Notes: Fleece Zip Hoodie, Shorts & Runners by Nike / Archival 3-Dimensional Bodysuit / Supreme x Oakley Frogskins Chrome Sunglasses

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