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In Loving Memory Of Candelaria…..THE LIGHT

My Grandma, My Inspiration and My Purpose in deciding to run the Disneyland Marathon. What better way to celebrate her life at the happiest place on earth. The life that she led and the seeds she’s sown in myself and my family deserved to be praised so in loving memory of my Grandma, I dedicated this special run to her. The one and only, Candelaria also known as The Light.

I brought my team along to join me on this special mission. I commend Valerie and Nate for completing this mission without any formal training. It goes to show that if you’re mentally prepared, nothing is impossible! You’ve gotta stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready! They are a true testament to those words.

When I decided to run this race my first thoughts were “What’s a Disneyland marathon without Jeremy Scott’s Mouse Trap Fall 2009 Collection!” A big THANK YOU to Jeremy for making that happen and understanding the importance of looking great for VICTORY!

Next stop :: CHICAGO 10 – 10 – 10

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